• Welded Gabion Mesh

    The welded gabion mesh used high quality low carbon steel wire, and the surface passivation and plasticizing treatment of electric galvanizing, hot galvanizing, coating, dipping, or high erfan is used after the automatic, precise and accurate mechanical equipment is formed in strict accordance with the BS1052:1986 standard.
    The welded gabion mesh is made up of spiral shaped wires to compress the front and rear panels, the bottom plates and the diaphragms after welding, and then compress together with the mesh cover. All the stone cage products folded and packed are independent individuals. In order to ensure the quality, the spiral wire is carried away in the box, and put it in a dry environment.
    Welded Gabion MeshWelded Gabion MeshWelded Gabion MeshWelded Gabion Mesh

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