• Reinforced gabion mesh

    There are two kinds of reinforced stone cage nets, one is reinforced concrete mesh made of stone cage net, the other is added a mesh behind or dragging a mesh.
    1. Reinforce gabion mesh refers to the weaving of wire mesh when the vertical or parallel weaving long direction, adding the same material wire. The tensile strength is higher than that of the ordinary hexagonal mesh, and the diameter of the reinforcing wire is generally not less than the side wire. When installed on the roadbed, especially when the foundation tension stress is very high, it can absorb and fundamentally reduce the tensile stress cracks produced by cracks or traffic.
    The 2. reinforced stone cage net box is heavy hexagonal gabion mesh box, and the mesh is used as the reinforced connection net in the soil, which provides a certain anti sliding force by the friction of the soil and the mesh, and has good environmental affinity.
    Reinforced gabion meshReinforced gabion meshReinforced gabion meshReinforced gabion mesh

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